ACS Ultimate Dream
Superior Halter- 390 points
90 Grands & Reserves
APHA Lifetime Top Twenty Halter Point Earning Stallion
ACS Style By Ultimate
ACS Body By Ultimate
(16 months)
ACS Ultimates Image
(6 months)
ACS Ultimate Impact
(3 yrs left. 15 months right)
(18 months)
ACS Unforgetabl Dream
ACS Ultimatly Sterlng
(3 yrs)
Ultimate Classic Jazz
(15 months)
A Dream Come True
(19 months)

Una Bonita Azul
APHA Champion
ROM Halter
ROM western Pleasure
ROM Youth Halter
dam of ACS Ultimate Dream
daughter of Two Eyed Chico
ACS Kiss Me Kate
(2 yrs)
Ultimate Dream Date
(2 yrs)
ACS Ultimatly Welldun
(10 days)
ACS Eyma Mperial Star
Blue Eyed Contessa
(23 months)
RPHR Celestial Dream
(Weanling/Yearling & 9/06)
ACS Crimson Storm

Two Eyed Chico
APHA Champion
Superior Halter
ROM Jumping
ACS Ultimate Accent
(@16 months)
Partee Suzette
(with 1992 filly)
coming soon
coming soon
Eyem Cisco The Kid
ACS Ultimatum
My Ultimate Valentine
coming soon
coming soon
coming soon
Etched In Black
(September 1995)
ACS Ultimate Outcome
(photo 5-08-00)
ACS Streetofdreams
coming soon
coming soon
coming soon
ACS Eyem Exquisite
(photo 12/94 at 18 months)
Ultimate Distraction
(18 months)
coming soon
coming soon
  • ACS Body By Ultimate
  • ACS Ultimate Impact
  • ACS Unforgetabl Dream
  • ACS Style By Ultimate
  • Dreaming Of Socks
  • ACS Eyem Exquisite
  • ACS Eyma Mperial Star
  • ACS Ultimate Outcome
  • ACS Ultimatly Sterlng
  • ACS Ultimatly Welldun
  • ACS Kiss Me Kate
  • Eye M Star Bound
  • BDB Blue Eyed Annie
  • Partee Suzette
  • Two Eyed Chico
  • Una Bonita Azul
  • A Dream Come True
  • Blue Eyed Contessa
  • The One Two Beat
  • Ebony Elegance
  • Fit To Be Tied
  • Two Eyed Jamaica
  • ACS Chantilly Lace
  • Black Tie Social
  • My Ultimate Valentine
  • Eyed Look Twice
  • Etched In Black
  • ACS Ultimate Accent
  • ACS Crimson Storm
  • Ultimate Distraction
  • Impressive Colours
  • Eye Love That Look
  • Pantica
  • Eyem Two Cute
  • Eyem Two Impressive
  • ACS Eyma Covergirl
  • Eyem Cisco the Kid
  • Chicos Dinero
  • Ultimates Influence
  • Ultimate Black Tie
  • Ultimate Classic Jazz
  • ACS Ultimate Dream
  • Ultimate Dream Date
  • Ultimates Foxy Chic
  • The Ultimate Dun
  • Ultimately Royal
  • ACS Ultimatum
  • ACS Ultimates Image
  • Social Elegance
Past & Current
Show Horses
Bred, Owned, Shown
by the
Stover & Weldon
  • ACS Blue Eyed Dream
Bold type denotes:
APHA or PtHA Champion,
Superior, ROM, COR, COA,
Honor Roll, Futurity Winners
and Futurity Money Earners.
Regular type denotes:
APHA Open, Youth, Amateur
or PAC Point &/or Credit
Earners, Futurity Placed, or
Grands and Reserves prior
to APHA PAC enrollment.
ACS Paints
  • RPHR Celestial Dream
  • Etch Mia In Black
  • Etch Me In Black
  • Dark Eyed Knight
  • ACS Streetofdreams
Ultimately Inspired
ACS Image Of Ultimate
ACS Ultimately Dreamy
  • Ultimately Inspired
  • ACS Ultimately Dreamy
  • ACS Image Of Ultimate
The One Two Beat
SF Ultimate Deception
ACS Ultimate Outcome
BDB Blue Eyed Annie
Ultimatly Charismatic
Ultimate Champuli
Dreaming Of Socks
(photo with 1st foal at side)
coming soon
(16 months)
Sept. 1999
(5 mths)
ACS Blue Eyed Dream
PtHA Champion
full sister to:
ACS Ultimate Dream
Eye M Star Bound
(6 months)
Eyed Look Twice
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Ultimatly Traditional