2012 Breeding Contract for AI with Shipped Semen
for the Stallion

This contract made by and between Randal &/or Teresa Weldon ("Stallion Owner") and ________________________________________________________ ("Purchaser")
for breeding the Mare described in paragraph 1 to the Stallion ACS ULTIMATE DREAM  APHA#332,758, PtHA#86,573 for the 2012 breeding season.

1. THE MARE: The mare to be bred is the Mare _________________________________________________________________ (APHA/PtHA/JC/AQHA)#______________

color __________, age ____ yrs, by the stallion __________________________________________________________ (______)# ____________ and out of the mare

____________________________________________  (______)# __________________.
Purchaser" MAY NOT substitute another mare for breeding purposes without prior written consent of Stallion Owner.
2. FEES: "Purchaser" agrees to pay Stallion Owner the following fees:
(a). A non-refundable booking fee of $2
00.00 is due and payable at the signing of this contract. This fee is deductible from the Stallion Service Fee.
2012 Stallion Service Fee: $600.00        Multiple mare Stallion Service Fee: $500.00 per mare.
(b). The remainder of the Stallion Service Fee is payable before Mare is bred or semen is shipped, unless a different payment plan is made (see attached).
(c.) No additional deposit fees are required, but "Purchaser" is responsible for the following:
Shipping Costs for transport of cooled semen to Mare. (Mare Owner agrees to pay Federal express next day shipment costs for shipment of cooled semen to mare.) "Purchaser"
may provide their Federal Express account number for direct billing, or provide estimated shipping costs in the form of cash or check
prior to first shipment being made.
~ "Purchaser is encouraged to send their own equitainer to be used, but it must arrive at least 24 hours prior to semen collection if it is to be used, so as to completely freeze
coolant cans/packs.
~OPTION: "Purchaser" may choose to buy limited use "disposable" semen shipment containers or rent same from Stallion Owner.
"Purchaser" understands and agrees that all costs listed under paragraph 2. FEES, and any other fees incurred at request of "Purchaser", shall be paid by "Purchaser" over and
in addition to Stallion Service Fee. Failure to pay either the Stallion Service Fee or any associated costs per this agreement will nullify any guarantees offered by Stallion
Owner and cancel any obligation of Stallion Owner to provide "Purchaser" a Breeder's Certificate. Stallion Owner may choose to take the resulting foal as payment for unpaid
fees owed on this contract. "Purchaser" agrees to sign over their rights to ownership of said foal if fees are not paid in full by time of foal's birth and Stallion Owner chooses to
take foal as payment. Stallion Owner will retain the right to seek all available legal remedies for collection of unpaid sums in a suitable court in the State of Washington,
County of Clark, USA, including all legal costs and fees incurred by Stallion Owner. This contract is to be interpreted under the laws of the State of Washington, County of
Clark, USA.
3. RESERVATIONS FOR SHIPPED SEMEN: Stallion Owner's receipt of the above Stallion Service Fee confirms the Mare's reservation to breed to Stallion for the Present
Breeding Season, which will extend from February 01, 2012 until approximately June 20, 2012.
(a). "Purchaser" requests the following month for breeding: _________________________
(b). All semen orders should be received by 11:00pm of the evening PRIOR to the requested COLLECTION and shipping date, but must be by 10am PST of day shipped.
(c). All orders for semen shipments shall be filled as received, subject to availability of Stallion's semen and Stallion Owner's veterinarian's approval. If, for any reason, there is
insufficient semen to fill all orders of a given day, Stallion Owner will decide which orders will be honored. This decision will be based in part on information provided by
"Purchaser's" veterinarian.
(d). Stallion Owner will file APHA Stallion Breeder's Report. APHA prepares Breeder's Certificates and sends them to Stallion Owner. Stallion Owner will send "Purchaser" the
Breeder's Certificate after received from APHA, providing all fees have been paid and there is a live foal from this mating.
4. CONDITIONS: Stallion service will be provided only to healthy mares in sound breeding condition. A Veterinarian's Certificate may be required.
(a). Mare must be inseminated within 72 hours of collection, as required by APHA.
(b). The insemination must be performed or overseen by a licensed veterinarian or qualified technician, as required by APHA.
(c). The veterinarian or technician must by written certification identify Mare as one subject of this contract and certify that ALL semen was used to inseminate only said mare
or destroyed in presence of veterinarian or technician.
(d). "Purchaser" and veterinarian or technician will complete the mare owner portion of the collection-insemination certificate and send appropriate completed sections to
APHA and Stallion Owner, as required by APHA.
(e). Mare owner at time of foaling must have DNA typing of dam on record with APHA. Foal must be DNA typed before registration, as required by APHA.
5. RETURN OF SERVICE GUARANTEE: "Purchaser" shall not be entitled to a refund of fees paid hereunder except as set forth in paragraph 6 (below). However, Mare shall
have the right of return to Stallion's service only in the year following Current Breeding Season, and only in the following circumstances:
(a). If Mare did not settle during the Present Breeding Season, she is eligible for return of service. Veterinarian's certificate of such may be required.
(b). If Mare is examined in foal, but becomes barren during gestation, she is eligible for return of service. Veterinarian's Certificate of such may be required.
(c). If Mare produces a live foal that is unable to stand alone and nurse, and subsequently dies, a Veterinarian's Certificate must be provided within (5) five days from death of
resulting foal.
(d). If foal is a breeding stock/solid Paint bred (not colored), then "Purchaser" may purchase another breeding to Stallion at one half of his Current Breeding Season's
advertised Stallion Service Fee, plus costs.
(e). All rights of return are subject to prepayment of costs as set out in paragraph 2 (above).
6. REFUND OF FEES: This contract shall be null and void and "Purchaser" shall be entitled to a refund of any monies paid towards Stallion Service Fee hereunder if Stallion
should become unfit for service or die prior to serving Mare in the Present Breeding Season. Shipment of semen to Mare shall be considered as Service to said Mare, whether
or not it is used to inseminate Mare.
"Purchaser" shall not be entitled to any refund if Stallion should die, or become unfit for service, or sold, in any subsequent breeding season after serving Mare. "Purchaser"
may breed to any other stallion owned by Stallion Owner of the same or lesser Stallion Service Fee to fulfill LFG in such case.
If Stallion is sold, new owner of Stallion will be responsible to complete all necessary requirements to fulfill all Stallion Service Contracts in effect.
7. NON-ASSIGNMENT: This contract cannot be assigned, sold or transferred by "Purchaser".
8. WARRANTY: Stallion Owner is not responsible for lost, delayed or damaged semen, and makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to any semen
furnished hereunder, except that it is the Stallion's semen.
9. On farm mare care will be $10.00 per day dry or $15.00 per day wet. Mare must be halter broke, de-wormed, no hind shoes. Veterinarian fees must be paid if incurred,

We, the undersigned, agree to abide by all stipulations set out in this contract.

Stallion Owner:____________________________________________________________________________________ Date: _______/_______/_______
Randal &/or Teresa Weldon  P.O. Box 741  Brush Prairie, WA  98606  (360)597-3025 home, (360)901-0426 Teresa's mobile, ACSUltimateDream@comcast.net

Purchaser: _______________________________________________________________________________________ Date: _______/________/_______

address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

phone:____________________________________________________________________________ email: ___________________________________